Printed balloons are an inflatable rubber bag used as a decorative item. They are usually filled with gasses such as helium, hydrogen and so on. Nowadays they are made of materials like rubber, nylon and so on. In olden days only colour variations were available on the balloons. As time passed some spray designs were introduced on the surface of such items. Now balloons can be made using computerised designs and it can be directly printed onto the balloon. Regular types of designer balloons are used for decorating parties and in some similar auspicious occasions. Initially the balloons were known as stackers and a lean shaped variation of this is known as twisters. The main advantage of the balloon is its compatibility with different types of gases. This made the balloon into an attractive item for the customers.

degradable materials

Balloon artists are specialised personalities who will change the shape of the balloon by twisting to make it into beautiful sculptures. The balloons used for this purpose is made using a stretchy rubber to avoid bursting while performing the act. Tubular stamped balloons is difficult to inflate due to its shape. People tend to choose printed ones due to their popularity and uniqueness. In many occasions the decorators find it difficult to include a text along with the decoration items. The imprinted inflatable provided a greater support for such people in the entertainment industry to have a creative and inventive solution for their questions. Including a text can boost the ambience of the room and to keep the children energetic.

Sometimes the custom printed balloons can be found in different shapes to suit the theme of occasion. It is mainly used for the publicity of major events. The printed logos can help the company can spread their company name to a large extent of people. In some countries the balloons are used for symbolising some historic events. The invention of balloons has also helped people to create some of the major inventions, which revolutionised the air transport sector. The balloons were initially invented as a gadget to support in medical experiments to improve the health of the people.

Even though balloons can bring happiness to a persons’ life, the materials used for the manufacturing of such items can become a harmful one. The non-degradable nature of the balloons can be considered as a way of environmental pollution. Many animals consuming such items are becoming deceased due to this. The release of balloons to the atmosphere is not a crime, but the releasing of a large amount of custom printed balloons is considered as a crime due to the pollution caused by it.

Balloons have the tendency to go upwards due to the density deference. But the variation of pressure levels at greater heights can cause the balloons to burst into tiny pieces. This will cause the debris from the balloon to spread in a larger area. Thereby increasing the contamination caused by such materials. But this can be avoided by the usage of degradable materials for the manufacture of custom printed balloons.


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