Prescription glasses helps us to select the correct lens to suit our vision, the prescription is an evaluation sheet about our vision and the recommendation for correction by fixing adequate lenses. A complete eye examination is conducted by the ophthalmologist for giving a prescription for glasses. First step for the instruction bifocals is a refraction test by the technician where they evaluate the irregularities in the eye shape and general vision test by using number or letter chart.


Efficiency of focusing to one point, bifocal errors also will be checked before prescribing glasses. Vision test for different problems by using the traditional chart and by computer aided machines is necessary to find out the irregularities in vision and to suggest suitable glasses. We must know that all the eye problems or vision problems could not solved by using glasses. Treatments like cataract surgery, laser treatment are also options for the vision problem but these must be suggested and carried out by an expert eye surgeon.

We see things by the refracted lights from objects which enter into the eyes through the lens and focused in a point in the retina. If we had any problem in the eye shape or lens the refracted light may not focus on one point and this will result in various vision problems. Recipe blinkers reflects all these problems in terms of measurements, and recommendation for corrective lens. The proper shape and curve of cornea etc. could be checked through the computerised eye testing machines. The prescription glasses are just adequate to correct the refractive errors of our vision. When we say about refractive problems we could find various types and combination of problems in a person, detailed examination by a qualified doctor is helpful for identifying the vision errors accurately.

Short sight and long sight are common vision problems with people, we correct these with the help of proper lens, a remedy eyeglass is helpful to select the correct lens. Long sight is commonly seen in children and they face severe eye strain due to this problem. In some persons the round shaped cornea is seen shaped as an egg their vision will be distorted in some distance. Proper diagnosis and treatment is required for this problem often called as astigmatism. There are lot other eye or vision problems we must have an eye examination by a qualified ophthalmologist for any eye disease or vision problem. Especially when we have blood sugar or blood pressure we must have regular check-ups and get prescription glasses.

From the above discussions we know that when we find any difficulty in vision prescription glasses is a best option for correcting it. We must take care of the eyes because they are one of the most useful sensory organs for human being. The symptoms of vision problem may be a regular head ache while reading or watering from eyes. Whatever may be the symptom we must go to the eye doctor to get a prescription glasses and treatment? We saw that vision problems like myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia etc. can be corrected by using proper lens which should be prescribed by a qualified medical personal after thorough examination.


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