When you are demolishing a house, the house demolition Sydney cost depends on a number of factors. The presence or absence of these factors could either increase or decrease the cost by hundreds of dollars.

building demolition

Factors affecting house demolition Sydney cost

The gradient which is there on the property is a major factor when calculating the demolition cost as well as the accessibility to the road.

Plants and trees
If there are plants or trees on the property and near the house, this adds to the cost of the demolition.

Essential services
The cost also depends on how essential services like electricity, water or gas pass through the property

Proximity for disposal
The cost also increases based on the distance the property is to the nearest disposal or recycling facility.

Other factors affecting house demolition Sydney costs

a) There are other features which increase the house demolition cost such as the presence of asbestos. This is because asbestos removal requires specialized persons handling asbestos. The reason for this is that asbestos is hazardous to the health of not only those that are living on the property but also to those living in the vicinity. Therefore, asbestos has to be disposed of with utmost care, and it cannot be disposed of in regular bins.

b) The cost also increases based on site fencing, degassing of the air conditioners and if an arborist is needed while demolishing the house.

Therefore, it can be seen that to demolish the house it requires the expertise and services of various specialists. Due to the fact that it is a labor intensive project to entertain and this requires the employment of professionals who are specifically trained not only to demolish the house but also to dispose of the materials safely, the cost of the demolition increases.


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